A great opportunity for your business

Cous Cous fest was born in 1998 aiming to attract tourism during low-season, our cultural culinary event has become all over the world the symbol of San Vito Lo Capo

What can mean for your business participate in Cous Cous Fest:

  • Associate your brand to good values
    Cous Cous Fest is well known for encouraging integration. The peaceful message of the festival is recognized by the international press and by the official delegation of partecipant countries.
  • Make your products known to a receptive target.
    The public of Cous Cous Fest is made of people in the food business and food lovers, always open to something new, so our festival is the perfect showcase for your brand.
  • Reach international visibility
    Participate in Cous Cous Fest means great visibility in an international context: a website with 80000 visits from 50 countries, an official magazine distributed for free and printed in 10000 copies, an event with more than 250000 visitors, 12 television’s troupe and more than 60 accredited press members.
  • Take part of a great festival
    A festival that involves a lot of people and leaves a trace in the heart of the participants and of the organizers, due to a magic atmosphere and to a fascinating landscape. Cous Cous Fest offers several diverse emotions.

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